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Know Your Worth

Powerfully personal, transparent approach to financial planning and wealth management.

I provide my clients with an array of financial services, including customized financial planning,  personal wealth management, retirement planning, investment management, and all points in between. Since each client’s unique life and financial history requires its own roadmap, I custom-build a plan for every single client, designed specifically for her individual trajectory. It starts by knowing your net worth and evaluating your cash flow to see where you stand today, then working together to tailor a plan to put you on track for what you want to achieve in the future.

Personal Wealth Planning & Management

Providing a Path to Reach Your Financial Goals

I am most valuable to clients who ask me to assist them with a broad range of financial needs, and to orchestrate all of the pieces of the complete picture. While this often includes the management of their investment portfolios, it also extends to other aspects of their financial lives, such as:

  • Ensuring they’re prepared to handle an unexpected disruption to cash flow
  • Appropriately managing debt
  • Evaluating the strategy and vehicles used to plan for retirement
  • Developing savings strategies for children’s education
  • Reviewing estate planning needs

Navigating Life’s Transitions

My services are also essential to clients who are going through life transitions such as retirement, divorce, loss of a spouse, sale of a business, liquidation of a concentrated stock position, or a career change. My planning is effective at translating new financial circumstances into sustainable, long-term financial plans and investment strategies.

My Investment Philosophy:

My approach to investing was formulated through my years of evaluating money managers across the industry. It includes three key elements designed to focus on what we can control:


Build a Portfolio Aligned to Your Risk Tolerance

The biggest driver of how your portfolio performs over time will be your asset allocation. Ensuring that your mix of stocks and bonds is aligned to your willingness and ability to take risk is the first step in developing the investment strategy for your portfolio.



We can’t predict which investment is going to perform the best in the future. Different asset classes perform well at different points in time, so my goal is to own a variety of different asset classes in my clients’ portfolios to hopefully help produce a smoother return profile over time.


Seek Low Expenses

We can’t control whether the market goes up or down, but we can control how much we pay for our investments. Where possible, I prefer to use low-cost exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to implement your investment strategy.

Our Services

Financial Planning

  • Articulate your values and goals
  • Figure out whether you're on track to reach your goals
  • Discuss what's going on in your life that could impact your financial future
  • Continually review to ensure you're on track

Investment Management

  • Review your current investments across all accounts
  • Develop a coordinated investment strategy designed to help you reach your financial goals
  • Manage your accounts and implement the recommended trades
  • Monitor your investments and make changes as necessary over time

Retirement Evaluation

  • Determine how much you need to save for retirement
  • Review existing retirement allocations and contributions
  • Evaluate tax impact of vehicles used to save for retirement
  • Determine distribution strategy for living in retirement

Education Savings

  • Tailor education savings strategy to your philosophy on paying for education
  • Identify appropriate savings vehicles to implement your approach
  • Review and evaluate student loan options

Cash Flow Management

  • Evaluate current income and spending
  • Ensure you’re prepared to weather a disruption in cash flow
  • Develop plan for spending money on the things that matter most to you

Business Retirement Plans

  • Help your small- and medium-sized business attract and retain quality employees
  • Customize a retirement plan to fit your business
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